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Good Work TeddyBear Keep It Up d jd jdjdjd jd dj jd jd j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j jj j j jj j j j j jthe minimum is 100 so im g...

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Good Work TeddyBear Keep It Up d jd jdjdjd jd dj jd jd j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j jj j jj j j jj j j j j jthe minimum is 100 so im going to spam the thingy okay so yeah g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g ng g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g
i got the solo in chorus im so happy Dance Till You're Dead Yuri On Ice (Sassy Yurio) :bademoticon: Yuri On Ice (Sexy Yurio) Yuri On Ice (The Sass) Yuri On Ice (Bang) :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Yuri on Ice Yuuri// GIF Yuri on Ice It's JJ Style // GIF :bademoticon: Yuri on Ice Otabek Altin // GIF :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: [ YURI ON ICE ] Applause. [ YURI ON ICE ] Happy Birthday Viktor ! [ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuug [ YURI ON ICE ] YEEEES ! [ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope. [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov peace: [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: [ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuuug [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: [ YURI ON ICE ] Drunk hug. [ YURI ON ICE ] Long haired Yuri. [ YURI ON ICE ] HUG EVERYWHERE [ YURI ON ICE ] Drunk Yuuri [ YURI ON ICE ] Russian Fairy [ YURI ON ICE ] Zombie Hug [ YURI ON ICE ] Yuri Plisetsky Cat :3 [ YURI ON ICE ] Just kiss already. [ YURI ON ICE ] Want a hug ? -left- [ YURI ON ICE ] Want a hug ?  -right-  also i love yuri on ice
im going to be drawing and giving the pictures to
Peerlessgrimm so he can post them and give them to me on here because my phone wont let me take pictures and upload them here


It was a cold day that day. Father called me inside he sat me down and told me what happened to my brother. I was in shock i can’t believe the king’s knight murdered him. That day i was going to get taught how to fight i stayed up all night mother told me to get to bed i told her

“mother i shall stay up i have to fight for my little brother!!”

    Mother stormed off i knew i made her upset but i have to fight.  I don’t care what anyone says i have to just have to. I fell to the floor and passed out from losing a lot of blood. I woke up in my bed with new clothes and bandages i relived mother brought me in my long black shiny hair was now all crust with dried blood. I went down stairs mother and father and my older sister who was 18 and i was only a mere 12 year old little girl whose beauty made everyone fall in love with her even the girls! I said

“mother may i take a bath?” She said

“that's fine dear you're lucky it's the weekend”

    i went to my room and got new clothes i went to the bathroom and undressed i took a shower dried off and put new emo clothes on.

“I don’t care what i have to do older brother i will get revenge on them i swear!” Right then my mother came barging in. “MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Chapter 1

Hello my names Alice Eve Angel. Todays my first day of 8th grade middle school. I was home schooled in 7-1st grade. I got my school uniform on and I met up with my friend Ruby she loves shiny things haha. We walk to school together she loves nature one time she found a stray cat and put in her bookbag so she could keep it this was in kindergarden to!! “Hey Alice do you think there will be hot guys here?!” Ruby asked.


    I said *i blushed*. Ruby teased me with every guy we past except for one cute guy.

“Ohhhhhh Ruby’s got a crush!!!!!!” I joked. “S...SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!” Ruby yelled. I looked at ruby confused she pushed past me. I think to myself

“oh so you're allowed to tease me, but i can’t tease you?!” I kept my head down but i ran into someone. As soon as he caught me i looked up *i blushed*. He’s wearing a uniform and a hoodie his hoodie covered his mouth his eyes were blue and he had short black hair that covered one eye.

“OMG HE IS HOT!” I think to myself. *He blushes* i maintain my balance.

“I’M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I say fast.

“I..It’s fine.” he says calmly.

“UGH, I’m such a fool!” I think to myself.

“I guess i will be seeing you around?” I ask.

“I guess….” He says calmly. *he walks away* *i walk to the front door of the school the doors are closed* “W…...WHAT!!!!!! THERE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!” I say shocked. *i look around and every ones with someone, i turn bright red*

“i...i’m all alone, i lost my best friend Ruby…” i say sadly. “Hey there kiddo!!” someone says.

“HUH WAIT WHAT?” i turn around.

“What who are you!?” *i say shyly*.

“Oh sorry lass.” *the girl winks at me and tilts her head* “What’s wrong, are you jumpy?” She asks me.

“Oh uh….umm n...not really!” I told her nervously.

“It’s ok everyone nervous their first day to middle school.” She tells me. *she smiles*

“Umm w..w...w...what’s your name??” I ask fast.

“Oh my name it’s Isabella what’s yours??” Isabella asks me. “ names Alice.” I say.

“Oh that’s a beautiful name!!!! Oh i have to go i'm a student aid so i have to go help teachers see you around Alice!!” Isabella says. *she walks away from you*

“Yeah.” I say softly. I guess i’ll just wait outside till they open the doors. *i pull my phone out of my pocket* i wonder what F.C. is doing right now

F.C. & Alice texting

Shu: F.c what are you doing ^w^

F.c: Shu what are you doing you're supposed to be in school

Shu: the doors are locked and won't let us in

F.c: oh that sucks :D

Shu: -_- that face…

F.c: what about it (^m^)

Shu: you know i hate that face

*i laugh*

F.c: i know that’s why i do it

Shu: -_- okay the doors have opened bye F.c have a good day

F.c: bye Shu have a good day :D

Shu: F.C!!!

F.c: okay, okay fine i don’t want to realise the dragon🐉🔥bye shu

Shu: bye F.c

*I smile* F.c is awesome. *thinks* Okay now let's try and find the registration booth *i walk around*

WHA!! The line is so long this is gonna take forever. *i sigh* What am i supposed to do now?? *i get in line the line moves forward a couple minutes later i'm at the beginning of the line thinks* Finally!

“Hello im alice i'm in 8th grade”

“um the 8th grade line is over there” he says and points at the line. *i look over*

Wha!!!! That line is even longer!!

UUUUUHHHHGGGGGG!!! Class is starting soon.

“Well than you better hurry”he said. *i looked at him and gave him my best death stare then i run to the end of the line and bump into someone*

“HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU POTATO” I hear a familiar voice.

“I AM NOT A POTATO” *i get up and look it’s the boy from before that caught me when i almost fell why is he acting like a jerk now i push him aside and get in line* *thinks* now to wait. *i watch as people walk by, i think*

… why are people looking at me is it that obvious that i stick out?? Ehh what are people gonna think of me?? No it doesn't matter what people think of me. I have to stay positive.

“How long is this line gonna take?” i hear a voice behind me that startles me so i swing my head back.

“EEP!!” the voice says.

“Umm my name is Alice” i say.

“My name Ray” he says.

“Um are you new here” i say.

“Yeah” he says.

“Same.” i say.

“Oh um wanna be buddies??” he asked.

“Sure!! My first friend here!” i say.

“Ehh yeah, i guess” Ray says

*about 5 minuets later* NEXT!!

“Finally, my name is Alice.”

“ah yes here you go” *he hands me my things* thanks.

*he hands ray his things*

“hey your in most of my classes!!”

“yay, we should head to classes”

“race you there”Ray exclaims.

“Wait ray.” it was to late he already ran.


*breathes heavy and fast*

“i can’t believe i got lost, but then again this is a big school.” *i walk over to a locker and sink down*

UHG, this hopeless

“you lost?” *i jumped like 12 feet high*

“woah you okay??” *he helps me up* scare people much? *i rub my head* “sorry”the person says.

“My name is Andy” he says.

“My name is Alice, and i would like to get to my class” i say  “can i see your schedule?” *i hand him my schedule*

“ah this one let me show you where it is”

“thanks” *he walks around the corner*

“here it is” *my jaw drops*

“WHAT!! I WALKED PAST HERE LIKE seven-teen times!!”

*he chuckles*

“it’s not funny” *i grunt and fold my arms*

“Well i would get in the class though” alex says

“oh i almost forgot, thanks” i say

“it was my pleasure” *he smiles*

“bye” *i in the classroom and sit down next to ray just as the bell rings*

“i’m going to kill you” i say *ray laughs and i laugh to*

“quite class.” *we all get quite* *i look around me to see where i sit*

“this is where i will sit forever i guess.”

“Hey don't make it sound so bad!” ray says.


“UH UMM” *our teacher clears his throat from behind us* “will you be paying attention in class?”

“yes sorry sir” i try not to laugh. *he walks back to the front of the room* *i glare a Ray and it looks like he is about to explode with laughter. But when the teacher said something he looked serious i look at the teacher*

“i will repeat it again for the people who weren't listening.” *he looks at me and ray instantly* hehe.

We will be going to the gym for student orientation. We you will be getting activities to do you will get put in a group with everyone in the school. So you can intwine and get a taste of this awesome school. The teacher said.

I hope i don't bump into him again…

bump into who. Ray asks.

Oh, no one. I say. Oh okay. So why did you say that then…” “because i can.”

“Right right.”

“So ready buddy?” I ask.

“Yeah let’s go Alice!” Ray laughs.


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